What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is an innovative solution to our broken healthcare system. It solves the problems of inflated healthcare costs, hidden costs, and questionable insurance practices.

How DPC Works

Health insurance works great for expensive, unexpected events like surgery and emergencies. But the cost dramatically increases when you want it to cover routine healthcare and minor illnesses and injuries. So, of course, they pass these costs on to you.

Direct Primary Care takes the insurance “middle man” out of the equation. Instead of paying high premiums for full coverage PLUS a profit to the insurance company, you simply pay for your primary care coverage.

As a DPC clinic, we charge a transparent, flat-rate monthly fee. You get the same great healthcare but without the bureaucracy and inflated prices – it really is that simple!

What are the benefits of Direct Primary Care?

  • Patient care improves. As the cumbersome burdens of politics and business are removed from the doctor-patient relationship, the doctor is freed to focus on the patient! The doctor can spend the time to get to know the patient and his/her history instead of having insurance companies dictate how long he can spend in the exam room. With more time, the doctor can thoroughly investigate issues that arise, make sure treatments are optimized, decrease the need for specialist referrals, and prevent complications from delayed care.
  • Patient satisfaction skyrockets. When doctors have the freedom to schedule visits in a way that benefits both doctor and patient, everyone gets ample time to be seen. There is no rush to get through 30-60 patients in a day. That means each patient gets more personal time with their doctor. They also get access to their doctor after hours if the need arises. This model facilitates trust and an effective doctor-patient relationship. We limit our practice size to 500 patients so you will always be able to be seen when you need to be seen. Most insurance-based primary care physicians have 2,500+ patients; its no wonder you must wait weeks for an appointment and get 8 minutes of his/her time when you are finally seen.
  • Overall cost of healthcare expenditures decreases dramatically. Because each patient has such ready access to their doctor and doctors have more time, approximately 80% of all healthcare needs can be solved in a primary care clinic. This means visits to urgent care, ER, specialists, and even surgeries decrease while overall health and wellbeing increases. Our patients can save even more on drastically reduced prices for medications, labs, and imaging (our negotiated prices are most often cheaper than the deductible required through insurance!).

Our family medicine practice was created to help you take control of your healthcare decisions instead of letting the insurance companies dictate what you and your doctor can/ can’t do. It isn’t just the patients who are greatly impacted by our current healthcare system – doctors are also greatly impacted.

With Direct Primary Care, doctors are free to work directly with patients to make decisions that are in their best interest without unnecessary corporate oversight. Allowing corporations to make decisions affecting our healthcare doesn’t make sense; take control of your healthcare decisions. Direct Primary Care is the solution to your healthcare headache. Contact us today!

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