Our Approach to Treatment

We believe in a therapeutic and proactive approach in the treatment of COVID-19, which includes the use of nutraceuticals and prescription medications. We have developed our own COVID-19 treatment pack that contains pharmacuticals to treat prophylactically if you believe you have been exposed to the virus, as well as actively if/when you develop symptoms. The sooner treatment is started, the more successful/ faster recovery can be.

Testing for COVID-19 is up to each individual. We have had the best results and fastest recovery time when patients begin treatment immediately. The most common symptoms (each person reacts differently so you may have some or most of the following) are:

• Headache

• Diarrhea

• Cough

• Shortness of breath

• Congestion

• Body and/or joint aches

• Fatigue

Because immediate treatment is recommended, having a COVID treatment pack on hand allows you to begin treatment immediately in the event you develop symptoms. Waiting until symptoms start may cause a delay in treatment if it is after hours, the weekend, or supplies are not available.

COVID-19 Treatment Pack

Our COVID-10 Treatment pack contains the following items, shown to be highly effective for the treatment of COVID-19:

• Hydroxychloroquine – an antiviral agent that stops the virus from entering the cells and/or multiplying once in the cells; additionally, reduces bacterial invasion in the sinuses and lungs.

• Azithromycin – a broad-spectrum antibiotic used to treat certain bacterial infections. It works to inhibit the growth of bacteria by preventing them from producing essential proteins. Existing bacteria are eventually eliminated by the body’s immune system, helping to treat the symptoms of your infection.

• Methylprednisolone – a steroid that can be prescribed to treat a variety of inflammatory conditions. Methylprednisolone blocks the release of certain pro-inflammatory substances in the body. It alters the body’s immune response and helps to decrease inflammation, reducing symptoms such as swelling and pain.

• Quercetin – Acts as a zinc ionophore to improve zinc uptake into the cells.

• Zinc with Vitamin C - Anti-viral dose. Vitamin C is an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory effects.

• Vitamin D3 – Recommended doses for anti-viral benefit varies from 5000 IU or more for 5-30 days (do not continue this dose long term).

Members: Please contact us through text or email to request a COVID treatment pack.

Non-Members: If you are not a member of our Family Medicine Practice, you may still obtain a COVID treatment pack through the following process:

  • Click HERE to fill out your basic healthcare information and we will contact you to set up your consultation.
  • A consultation with our physician will consist of a phone call to review your medical history, allergies, discuss how the pack is to be used, and answer any questions you may have. The consultation fee is $69 and the pack is $50. There is no further cost or obligation. Packs may be picked up Monday mornings at our office or shipped via USPS for $5.50 (or $8.00 for two).

Home Care

Please review the attachments here for our recommendations on home treatment of COVID-19. Feel free to contact our office with any questions or concerns. We have opted to equip our office with all the necessary nutraceuticals and treatment equipment (Pulse Oximeters, Nebulizers, etc.) needed to help you treat and recover as quickly as possible. Our goal is to help as many people as possible in an efficient manner.

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